HIV/AIDS Needles hidden under gas pumps

In Florida and other places on the East Coast a group of people are putting HIV/AIDS infected and filled needles underneath gas pump handles, so when someone reaches to pick it up and put gas in their car, they get stabbed with it. 16 people have been a victim of this crime so far and 10 tested HIV positive. Instead of posting that stupid crap about how your love life will suck for years to come of you don’t re-post, post this. It’s important to inform people, even if you don’t drive, a family member might, and what if they were next? CHECK UNDER THE HANDLE BEFORE YOU GRAB IT!!! IT MIGHT SAVE YOUR LIFE! Tell as many people as you can about this serious issue!!!!


13 Responses to HIV/AIDS Needles hidden under gas pumps

  1. mom says:


    P.S. I left this comment in here to show how some people have no class, never taken a class, and cant buy class.


  2. bananasfk says:

    Florida republicans you’ve got to love them.

  3. tecmorose says:

    If this is true, if, then that is the worst thing I have ever heard, ever. And I hope those people are caught and given life in jail… or at least forced to fight bears for their food in a 10×10 cell for the next month. Either way, evil move on their part!

  4. Realitycheck says:

    I’d be curious in finding your source for that information… I haven’t yet heard of it. To be frank, however, it seems unlikely that this will become a widespread thing. It’s horrible, yes, but how are you going to orchaestrate such a large undertaking? Cell phones? You’d need thousands of needles in the state of Florida alone to accomplish this. This requires a large group of people (which we all know, in Florida, that fact alone rules out republicans “mom”)

    I also bring up motive. What the hell do a lot of people profit from spreading the aids virus? Think about it. Wouldn’t that mean these mythical people spreading the disease have a higher chance of getting it? What’s the motive of somebody spreading aids? I know that’s the first thing I think of when I roll out of bed in the morning… Right.

  5. Innamorata Ribelle says:

    In response to Realitycheck…

    Although I can agree with you on some points (mainly that for being such a supposedly serious situation, I have heard nothing of it on the news), I have to make a comment on the last paragraph of your reply.


    Healthy, HIV/AIDS positive people would really have no motive for this act…and even the HIV/AIDS positive people would have highly questionable motive. However, in history, it is not uncommon for those who have contracted an uncurable disease, especially a sexually transmitted one, to become bitter and angry at their predicament. I am not stating that everyone with these diseases tries to go out and “spread the love” out of malicious intent…but it has been documented and is a sad fact. A small percentage of people just become vindictive and their mindset becomes: “If I have to go down, I’m taking others with me.”

    Example: the times when HIV-positive people will find a person, sleep with them without protection, and leave them a note telling them afterwards.

    Still, though, I’d be curious as to the validity of this article, as I see no sources indicated in the text…

  6. Innamorata Ribelle says:


    **Healthy, HIV/AIDS NEGATIVE (not positive) people would have no motive for this act…

    My bad.

  7. FuhQNonBeLeeVer says:

    Yeah, just ask Realitycheck about the Saints.

  8. Nicole says:

    Ummm…if this is recent, then it would have all been caught on video. Especially with the high gas prices lately. Even the 7-11’s are now covered with security cameras, inside and out. SO it is highly unlikely that anyone would be able to walk up to a gas pump, anywhere in the united states, and stick a HIV infested needle underneath a gas pump handle. I call the BS flag on this one, where did you find your information on this? If it was a “real” incident, I am sure that it would be plastered all over the news…Especially if it has happened 16 times already.

  9. ChaChi4a20 says:

    Agree with all that commented on this article. Sounds like BS and most likely is.
    I posted it to see how many ignorant people are out there that will comment with no type of mental structure and also hide their identity like low life cowards with differnt way to spell F U in their user name.
    As you can tell there are still many idiots out there and they are the real disease of this country.
    R.I.P FAQU

  10. bargainshaq says:

    Obviously you cant read Murcock. I stated in the comments #1 and comment #9 that people are ignorant and you just reinforced my point.
    Hope you dont reproduce or our planets future looks grim.
    Most likely you are not into women anyway.
    So HUMANS have no fear!! We are safe, homosexuals are not known for reproduction skills.

  11. The blood would dry and probably not be able to infect anyone anyways.

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